“The Power of Ten”

Scholarship Contest

To celebrate our 10th anniversary, VPC is awarding


in scholarships to two students ($5000 each).

To win, tell us about one of the following TOP 10
… reasons to study hospitality
… reasons why Vancouver is a great place to study hospitality
… changes a hotel can make to be eco-friendly
… best things about Canada
… business ideas to promote Vancouver as a tourist destination
… ideas to create passion for customer service in business
… reasons to travel or live overseas
… characteristics of someone who “can make a difference in the world”
… characteristics of a leader
… things you would like to learn at Vancouver Premier College that will help you reach your goals

Scholarship Info:

• The scholarships are for students applying for Fall 2008 enrollment into the Hospitality Management Diploma with Specialization program
• This contest runs from May 5, 2008 to July 31, 2008
• The winners will receive $1,500 tuition credit in their first semester and then $1,500, $1,000, and $1,000 in the following semesters as long as the student studies a minimum of 15 credits each semester and maintains a B- average.
• The recipients will be announced by August 15, 2008

Eligibility: Applicants must

• first apply and be accepted for admission to Vancouver Premier College
• complete a scholarship application form
• submit your response to one of the “Top 10” above in writing or video
• have well defined career goals and demonstrate the potential for success in Hospitality Management
• provide two letters of reference from past teachers, employers, or volunteer organizations

Do you know Vancouver Premier College also offers the following scholarships to new students?
• Overall Achievement Scholarship
• Student Ambassador Award
• The VPC “Premier” Scholarship

For more information, please contact Admissions.

•The Power of 10 Scholarship Contest Application Form.pdf